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History Of The Boat Lift Company

The Boat Lift Company was incorporated in 1992 by Troy McCraray.  Troy had been helping friends build boat lifts off and on for 20 years prior to this but 1992 was the year he officially started the business.  Among the many things Troy has accomplished in his career, some of the more notable are that he has held a Captain's License for vessels up to 200 tons, he captained a private 54' fishing yacht for 10 years all over the Gulf of Mexico, he has been involved and built many things around the Lake Conroe area including club houses, batting cages and custom construction projects.

In August of 2013 Troy sold the business to Paul and Elese Herridge.  Paul came to the business from a 16 year career as an engineer in the Oil & Gas Industry.  Paul graduated from Texas A&M in 1996 with a Mechanical engineering degree and spent most of the last 16 years between Halliburton and the last 10 years at FMC Technologies.  Having grown up fishing and skiing on Lake Conroe in the 80's and his love for fishing and boating, the transition into The Boat Lift Company has been smooth.  Troy continues to be involved with the business in more of a consultants role as he now can spend more time doing the things he loves, travelling and fishing.  Elese's best attributes are she has put up with Paul for the last 13 years and has had 3 kids!  Elese is a registered speech therapist but has been working at the office and learning the ropes since the beginning.  Elese spends her time away from work with her family and friends and is active in activities at her church and the kids school.