Our Boat Lift Products

Call our office at 936.447.2850 to learn more about installing a new cable boat lift, or to have your existing lift serviced.



There are a ton of floating PWC lifts on the market and most of them are worth the money for the right application. The Boat Lift Company has installed the Sport Port, the Glide-n-Ride, the Jet Port, the Jet Dock, the Hydroport and many others. Call us and we’ll help you figure out the best product for your application!


Fend-all is the hands down winner of the best Fenders and Bumpers. They make awesome products and we are the dealer for Lake Conroe and surrounding areas. We keep some of their products in stock so call us to discuss your needs. We’ll be glad to sell you the products along with the proper fasteners and we’d be more than happy to come install them for you as well.


Floataire boat lifts are crafted by hand at our headquarters in Greenville, South Carolina, where we pride ourselves on offering a fully guaranteed product built to accommodate vessels and personal watercrafts ranging from 800-24,000 pounds. With stability and durability as our guidelines, we’ve spent over twenty years developing what we believe is the absolute best boatlift in the industry. Whether you face rough water or shallow water, there is a Floatair model that will work for you!