Dock, Bulkhead & Boatlift Inspections

Why is a Dock inspection Needed?

The Texas Real Estate Commission, TREC, guidelines for licensed Home Inspectors only reference to any structure past the bulkhead is in the Outbuildings section. All the home inspector must do is report on the absence or failure in performance of ground fault circuit interrupter devices. Nothing else.

Since there are no guidelines for inspection and reporting on docks the best option is to get a Marine Contractor to do it. The Boat Lift Company has been building bulkheads, docks and boatlifts on Lake Conroe continuously since 1992. We are a registered contractor with the San Jacinto River Authority in good standing.

How much does a Dock, Bulkhead, Boatlift Inspection Cost?

The Boat Lift Company charges $300 for a written report with pictures. This may be reimbursed within 90 days should the customer use The Boat Lift Company for any repairs or new construction on the dock.

What’s included in a Dock inspection?

Generally an inspection is only going to cover what can be seen. If the bulkhead is covered such that it can not be seen we are not going to remove boards to get to it, however this will be noted in the report. We do get in the water when necessary to inspect the bulkhead, the dock and the boatlift. Our inspections are one of the most complete and comprehensive in the marketplace. We inspect the following:

  • Wood Bulkhead: drains, filter cloth, sheeting, walers, tie-backs, soldier piles and cap boards
  • Steel Bulkhead: drains, steel sheeting, tie-backs and cap
  • Dock: Pilings, ledgers, joists, fasteners and decking
  • Boatlift: Capacity, cable, sheaves, sheave bolts, motor, gear drive, pulleys, belts, cradles and bunks
  • Electrical: Covered by Home Inspection
  • Boat House: Pilings, rafters, trusses, banding, roof
  • Other: water depth in slips, any hazards

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