Falcon PWC Lift by The Boat Lift Company

The Falcon PWC Lift is designed to be used with the heavier PWCs on the water today up to 1300#. This design provides a one person, user friendly PWC storage solution without ropes, cleats or a trailer. With 360° rotation the design makes cleaning, covering and servicing your watercraft faster, easier and safer. Our galvanized fabrication provides a long lasting product for years to come.

The Falcon PWC lift is manufactured by The Boat Lift Company for those niche situations where you want to store your PWC over the water and you don’t haveroom for a full lift. The Falcon PWC lift is designed to be mounted into the lakebed and secured to the dock. The design allows the PWC to be rotated 360”.

• The lift comes with 360° of rotation, it has a 1300# capacity, 120″ swing radius at dock level. Swing radius will increase depending on the PWC.

• Our lift is configured with a sheave on the cradle for double pull. It can be configured to a single pull to increase speed/decrease weight capacity.

• Aqua Marine drive unit – Made in USA.

• 13’ tower height standard. It is designed for 9’ lakebed to dock height w/ 3’ min driven into lakebed. Our lift can be installed on docks or pilings.

• Our lift comes standard with long lasting Aluminum Bunks & reliable manual switch. A Gem Remote is available for additional cost.

• Metal components are Hot Dipped Galvanized after fabrication.

• Fabricated locally in Texas.

• Installation service available within 150 mile radius of Willis, Tx.

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